Air Ambulance

Safety. Reliability. Speed.

Asia Charter Services provides emergency and medical charter flights around the world. We have close partnerships with medical teams and medical institutions who are ready to transport and attend to patients quickly and safely.

Medical aircraft are specially modified for air ambulance transport. Certified medical equipment are installed to provide the patient with a complete care package.

Each aircraft is equipped with FAA certified medical equipment. With the latest technology onboard the aircraft, the doctors and nurses are able to care for the patient as if they were in the hospital Intensive Care Unit. Below are a few of the state of the art equipment we have onboard.

High-tech Equipment Onboard

Air Ambulance Stretcher Specifications

Bench Length - 48" (121.92 cm)
Dual Air Pumps - 11 lpm. @ 50 psi. each
Vacuum Pump - 14 lpm. @ 14 in hg.
Oxygen Supply - 3,500 Liter

Air Ambulance Stretcher Features

Mobile Overhead with Pneumatics and Light
Supply Outlets: Oxygen, Medical Air, Vacuum
Bacteriostatic, flame retardant, and anti-static.
Fully adjustable backrest, thick foam pad,
lightweight durable frame and expandable armrests.

Intensive Care Monitor

Patient monitoring with defibrillator, pacemaker, and monitoring functions

Your medical team:

Kuang Tien General Hospital.

Kuang Tien General Hospital was founded in 1913 which is now the longest running sole proprietorship hospital in Taiwan, with 1,300 beds and nearly 2,000 employees. Kuang Tien General Hospital has an exceptional medical team with 24 main specialties, and 44 sub-specialties, as well as comprehensive care centers.

Kuang Tien’s Trauma and Emergency Center combines emergency medical care specialties including our: trauma care center, stroke center, cardiovascular care center, and critical care medical team. Trauma and Emergency Medicine Specialist physicians are on staff 24/7, providing immediate emergency care services.


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